Hair Replacement and Restoration for Women

Change your hair forever, in just one day with the Evolve Volumizer.

Are you a woman suffering from hair loss? Have you tried countless hair replacement and restoration proceedures such as chemical treatments, wigs, laser enhancements or hair extensions?

The Evolve Volumizer is a unique non-surgical, semi-permanent hair replacement system for women with fine or thinning hair (alopecia). It provides volume, texture, and color enhancement without the use of chemicals, glue or adhesives. it requires minimal maintenance without physical limitations. Because it is integrated with your own hair and lays flat to the head, it is totally undetectable and completely wearable day and night. More...

Customer Testimonials:

Abby's hair replacementSince about ten years old, my daughter started losing her hair. She had a terrible time in school with people calling her baldy and other names. It took us seven years to find the cause, at which time we were able to stop the hair loss at that point with medication. Unfortunately, though, we have found nothing that will bring back her hair growth. Throughout the years, she has tried every type of hair enhancer possible. Huge promises were made, tons of money was spent, all ending up in a huge disappointment. It is heartbreaking to see your daughter get her hopes up so much, only to end in such an emotional and financial