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AbbyA Mother's Testimony
“Since about 10 years old, my daughter started losing her hair. She had a terrible time in school with people calling her baldy and other names. It took us seven years to find the cause, at which time we were able to stop the hair loss at that point with medication. Unfortunately, though, we have found nothing that will bring back her hair growth. Throughout the years, she has tried every type of hair enhancer possible. Huge promises were made, tons of money was spent, all ending up in a huge disappointment. It is heartbreaking to see your daughter get her hopes up so much, only to end in such an emotional and financial mess. I have become very protective of my daughter, not wanting to see her in any more pain.

When Abby’s hair stylist suggested the Volumizer and then also asked Abby if she would be a model at the Intercoiffure show in New York, I was adamant that she not do it. The thought of her going through more pain, was too much for me. Well, Abby decided to do it anyway. All I can say is I was 100% wrong. She looks amazing! I’m absolutely shocked at how her life has changed. She is confident and happy. I just keep staring at how beautiful she is both physically and emotionally. I ask her if it’s bothering her, and she says it’s so comfortable, she doesn’t even know she has it on. She is literally a different person. Thank you for changing my daughter’s life!”

– Sheila Blachman, New Haven, CT

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KayeA Change of Life
I'm sure my thin hair is genetic. I remember my grandmother being bald, however I never thought it would happen to me. Due to a medical condition, I had to take prescription drugs that exacerbated my hair loss. As the director at a hospital, I interact with people every day and appearance is important.

I started wearing wigs ten years ago. A friend told me that a well-know stylist was offering a new service for women with fine and thinning hair that is an alternative to a wig.

I can't believe how wearing the Evolve Volumizer has changed my life. I feel like a real woman again. The Volumizer is a part of me and at the same time it has set me free. I will never use wig tape again! Whether I'm in the office, at the ranch, or with my grandkids, I feel like I'm at my best. This could never have been possible without a well trained professional hair designer. There are so many women like me who need this product. I hope the product will be available to more and more women!

- Kaye Cole, Amarillo, TX
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AbbyA Solution for Any Age
I started losing my hair when I was 10 years old. I remember the day exactly when my hair dresser noticed it. I was getting highlights for my birthday present from my parents and my hair dresser told my mother that my hair was starting to become very thin. That day started my seven year journey to figure out why I was losing my hair. I have gone to many doctors up and down the east coast. All of them came back with different answers. I had been bullied for years by the kids in my neighborhood about my very thin hair. By the end of high school, I was on the verge of giving up.

A family friend suggested that I go see an endocrinologist gynecologist, ten minutes from my house. This doctor informed me that I have a hormone deficiency which was making me lose my hair. He put me on medication that would stop the hair loss, but any hair that was gone, would never grow back. I was left with a VERY thin head of hair. I had tried non-permanent hair pieces but none seemed to work for me. My best friend was my hair dresser. Her friend suggested that I try to Evolve Volumizer. I was hesitant at first because of all the other products that I had tried which had not worked. But I am so thankful for the Volumizer because I am the happiest I have ever been.

- Abby Schildkraut, Stratford, CT
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KirstenA Younger Look
I have always had beautiful, healthy hair, but my hair is also very fine. As I have matured, it has become thinner around the hair line and more difficult to style. I found that more and more, my hair would just go flat.

One day while looking in the mirrow it occurred to me that my hair was making me look older. I'm a young at heart person, with a very active life.

I was introduced to an Evolve Certified Stylist who did a professional consultation with me and selected the color, texture and density that was right for me.

Now my hair has the appearance of being thick and healthy, and I think it makes me look young again. No one knows I'm wearing a Volumizer because my hair is integrated with it, so it blends naturally. Also, I can now depend on my hairstyle holding up all day even with my busy schedule. It's better than a face lift at a fourth of the price. Thanks Evolve!

- Kirsten Philippides, New York, NY
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SabrinaA Boost of Self-Confidence
As a model, I always had confidence in front of the camera. But then after the birth of my first child, I noticed that my hair was shedding. Then, after the birth of my second child, I realized I had lost a lot of hair and it wasn't growing back. I lost my self-confidence both as a model and as a person.

I went to a model call for Evolve. When they installed the Volumizer, I couldn't believe it. My hair was full of volume and I looked like I did before I had my kids. It was so light and comfortable. I asked if I could keep it and wear it home.

That was over six months ago and I'm still wearing it. I will never go without my Volumizer. I have my confidence back when I model and in my daily life. I wear it in a ponytail at the beach with my kids, doing yoga, and just hanging out. As the owner of SabbyChic Boutique, I can style my hair and look the part with ease.

- Sabrina Culver, Sarasota, FL
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SarahGreat for Cancer Patients
I have always had difficult hair. Hair stylists are always at a loss when they need to work with my hair. There has always been a lot of teasing involved. When on the catwalk, I wore extensions and half-caps in swimwear photo shoots, even before my cancer.

After my cancer, the chemotherapy changed my hair texture. For a full year, it was thicker. I think it could have been that automatic curl that most survivors see in the beginning two years, when their hair returns. But after four years, it is again straight and fine. It was constantly being combed out and sent to the trashcan, with me in tears. THIN THIN THIN!!!

A friend told me about the Evolve Volumizer. Now I have volume and curl that will last all day. I have great hair, even better than before. Now my hair is fun!

- Sarah Von Braun, Orlando, FL
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CarolHereditary Hair Loss
All of my life I've always had a full head of hair. As I approached my forties, I started noticing my hair thinning, and it became worse as time went on, especially in my temple area. Also, the thin hair gene is hereditary in my family. As my hair got worse, I started wearing hats and head wraps, and eventually graduated to wigs. As a dancer, the wigs were very uncomfortable and extremely hot on my head, and I often became worried about the total security while dancing.

My sister, Bianca introduced me to the Volumizer and it is the best thing I have experienced. My life consists of regularly attending functions, both professionally and personally. Now, when I walk into a meeting, or function, I no longer feel self-conscience about my thin hair, and I am extremely comfortable with my appearance. The confidence I now feel when I get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirrow, is life changing. Most of all, I love the texture of the Volumizer because it blends with the texture of my natural hair. I am truly grateful for the Evolve Volumizer, and I love what it's done for my life. Thank you so much.

- Carol Adams, New York, NY
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