Why Choose Evolve? Comparing Your Options

There are many options available on the market for hair replacement and restoration. See why we recommend the Evolve Volumizer for your hair needs and fashion wants.

Cosmetic Products

The first option is cosmetic products like shampoos, conditioners and styling products which are designed to make your hair thicker by plumping up the hair shaft. Now these products work well if you have hair, however, they cannot grow hair and if a person only has a hundred hairs on the top of their head, what can anyone really do with 100 fat hairs? So unfortunately, cosmetic products are ineffective.

Hair Regrowth Products

The second option is pharmaceutical chemical products that claim to regrow hair. First, it's a chemical you have to use twice a day, every day, on your scalp and in your system, for the rest of your life. Should you receive any benefit from these chemicals and stop using them, any benefits gained will fall away. These products take at least six months of consistent use to product any results at all and there is NO guarantee of success. Of the very few clients I have seen that received any results, the results were primarily fuzz, not hair as we would like it to be. Basically, my clients want hair, not "feathers."

Hair Transplants

The third option is a hair transplant where hair is taken from the donor section at the back of the head and transplanted onto the top of the head. The downside to a hair transplant is that it is surgery. It requires anesthesia, and the cost is around $15,000.00. It takes at least six months for hair to become visible, and there is no guarantee that the transplant hair will take. If it does take, the existing hairs are still in a natural process of falling out and it is possible that the process will need to be repeated in a few years.


Option four, which I really do not consider an option, is a wig. Wigs are hot, tight, constrictive, and restrictive as they are usually one style only options and they look like wigs.

So these are the traditional options which are ineffective, time delayed, and expensive, with no guarantee of results...

So Why is the Evolve Volumizer the Best Choice?

Now what makes the Evolve Volumizer the best choice for women with fine thin hair is that your Volumizer is 100% human hair and every hair is hand-tied to an undetectable, form fitting, cool, light-weight, ventilated, poly-mesh base. Your Volumizer can be worn for four to five weeks before being uninstalled and reinstalled. With your Volumizer, you can shampoo, condition, and style your hair just like any woman with a full head of hair. As your Volumizer is 100% human hair, it can be cut into most any style, flat ironed, curling ironed, heat roller set, back combed, tucked behind your ear, braided, and even put up into a Chignon or updo. Most clients will get 8 - 12 months of durability from a Volumizer. In addition, your Volumizer will product INSTANT volume, density, texture, and color without glue, adhesives or shaving of the scalp, all in a chemical free environment. View the features and benefits of the Evolve Volumizer.

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